CCLI# 7103927
Written by John Lumpkin, Rodney Jordan, Ross Middleton, and Justin Gray
©2018 Every Nation Music


I’m losing my gravity
All the weight that holds me down
It’s your love that lifts me out
Your cross my security
This world has no more control
I’m renewed and I’m restored

I’ve got no reservations as you take me higher
My life is elevated ’cause you make me move

And I’m rising up with you, Rising up with you
Rising up with you, Rising up with you
You take me high on the wings of your truth
Yes I’m rising up with you
Rising Up, Rising up with you

I’m stunned by your majesty
You make my knees hit the ground
And at your feet cast my crown
Your grace grabs ahold of me
You pull me up from the dark
I’m looking down above the stars

Justified, now I’m standing in your grace
Your fire burning in my heart ’cause I’m forgiven
I’m turning up so all the world can hear Your name
Jesus, You’re the only way and I’ll never be the same