Sit down with worship leaders and pastors from around the world to discuss the connection between worship music and discipleship.

Honey, I Shrank My Worship

Neli Atiga

How does our view of worship shrink or expand based on our understanding of Scripture?

Justin talks with Neli Atiga, Senior Pastor of Every Nation Brisbane in Australia, about our views on worship music culture and the Bible.


Does music really matter?

Adam Mabry

In this episode, Justin talks with Adam Mabry, church planter, blogger, and Bible scholar, about the significance of music in church community.

Words for Worshippers

Langa Mbonambi

​With so many songs in the church space, why is it important for us to contribute as songwriters?

Justin chats with Langa Mbonambi of Every Nation Rosebank in Johannesburg about the impact of songwriting on worship, discipleship, and diversity in church culture.


Learning Lamentation & Praise

Pierre & Helena Smith

On this episode of the Every Nation Music Podcast, Justin talks with Pierre and Helena Smith about the need to develop a healthy worship culture of praise and lament.


Music & Social Responsibility

Tami Monk

“Justice is not a curse word.” Justin sits down with Worship Pastor Tami Monk from OWOC Worship to discuss social responsibility, worship music, and the local church.


Sights & Sounds of Worship

Bryson Breakey

Is there such thing a thing as too much technology in worship? This week Justin talks with Ps. Bryson Breakey about youth ministry and the benefits and burdens of technology in the worship space.

Worship Performance : Yes or No?

Jon Owens

Is there such a thing as performance in worship?

Justin and Ps. Jon Owens discuss the tension between spiritual excellence and musical skill.


Music for People or People for Music?

Elle Cabiling Tumaliuan

Should music be for people or should people be for music?

Justin sits down with campus minister Elle Cabiling Tumaliuan to discuss the distinction between the two.


Lost in Translation

Erika Murrell

“When English isn’t your first language and all the worship songs are in English, it can make you feel marginalized. . .”

In this episode, Justin talks with international worship leader Erika Murrell about worship, language, and cultural identity.

Out With The Old, In With The New

William Murrell

Have you ever heard the saying “Out with the old, in with the new”?

This week, Justin talks with historian William Murrell about the value of ancient liturgy and worship music in shaping our modern songs and worship services.