Doxology, Every Nation Music

You Have My Heart

Written by Bryson Breakey, Ileia Sharae

You Have My Heart

My life is the pen of a ready writer
I am the furnace and you are the fire, God
Oh, You burn in me
My soul is ablaze with a glorious thing
My heart has been stirred by the love of a matchless King
Love alive in me

Oh, Lord you have my heart
Oh, You have my devotion
Oh, Lord you have my heart

Forever I’ll lay at your feet all the glory
For you are the Author and I am the story, God
Have your way in me
You purchased my freedom when you conquered death
To the ends of the earth and till my final breath I’m Yours
Everything in me

I don’t have much to bring
But you can have all of me
You make the broken beautiful
Ever I’ll burn for you
There’s nothing I’m holding to
All of my life is Yours alone