Wait for You

Written by David Menezes, Sonia Menezes, Merina Pani
©2020 Tribes (Admin. by Every Nation India)

Wait for You

Whom shall I fear
When my enemies surround me
No I’m not afraid
For my God He never fails

I will wait
On the Lord
For I know He is my rock
In His name
I will trust
Mighty fortress is my God
For He is faithful
You are faithful
I wait on You

Though troubles may come
I know He will not forsake me
The strength of my heart
I am safe when I’m with Him

Turn my heart Lord to seek Your face
Lift my soul Lord to bless Your name
And no matter what comes my way
I’ll praise You, praise You
In the battle You’re strong to save
And You carry me all my days
Now forever my banner raised
I’ll praise You, praise You

Draw near, Lord we wait for You
Meet us here, as we wait for You
Come near, as we call on You
Find us here, Lord we long for You