CCLI# 7102483
Written by Bryson Breakey, Sumari Schoeman, Juan Winans, and Lisa Winans
©2017 Every Nation Music (Admin. by Every Nation Churches & Ministries, Inc.)


There is a valley
Where we must walk
A place of silence
Where it feels we’re all alone

Your voice of comfort
We long to hear
In times of trouble
You promised to be near
Still we are waiting

Come O Fountain,
Come and make us whole
Oh how need you Jesus
Flow O river, flood our thirsty souls
Oh how we need you

Your Word our beacon
When dark surrounds
The hope that guides us
When the storm is all around
Love everlasting, Love everlasting

For the broken, For the weary
There’s a healer, It is Jesus
For the lost and all abandoned
There’s acceptance, It is Jesus
For the hopeless, All defeated
There’s a new life, It is Jesus
Every captive, Find your freedom
At the fountain, He is Jesus