Everything You Are

Written by Nathan Huang, Tim Marquez and Daniel Monong

Everything You Are

I was broken with blinded eyes
I was caught up in the chains of darkness
Fragile heart meant to die
Till Love found me and saved my life

I’m never lost,
‘Cause in You, I take, refuge
Wherever I go
Your love surrounds, in You, I’m found
(Jesus my all my everything)

You are my strength my cup my portion
You oh Lord are my heart’s devotion
As I hold on to Your embrace
My life has fallen into your grace

I’ll sing Your praises
I’ll scream HALLELUJAH
Found in Your freedom
All I need is
Everything You are

You paid it all for me
You’re risen, HALLELUJAH
Now I have been set free
All I need is
Everything You Are

I will not be shaken
’cause Jesus you have risen
In Your presence, there is freedom
Joy’s awakening