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Before filling out the Song Licensing Form, please take a moment to learn about our licensing process by reading the text below:


Just like we need a license to drive a car, we need a license to use songs we did not write.  

When songwriter(s) write a song, they own 100% of it. This is a copyright. A music license allows a person - or entity - other than the writer(s) to use and/or perform that copyrighted song.  There are several kinds of licenses you can obtain based on how you want to use the song:


1.) Blanket License: A license that covers background music played in public places such as churches, restaurants, malls, etc.

2.) Print License: A license to use a printed version of a song (i.e. lyric book, sheet music).

3.) Master Recording License: A license to use the actual recording of a song ("Master" = actual recording).

4.) Performance License: A license to perform a song live in concert or on the radio.

5.) Sync License: A license to use a song on tv or in a movie. "Sync"ing a song means to attach it to a visual.  

6.) Mechanical License: A license to record the song on a CD or Digital Audio Recording.


There are different ways to buy a license, depending on the type you are wanting to purchase.  Usually, establishments such as churches, restaurants, and even online platform such as Youtube, will buy a "Blanket License" from a Performing Rights Organization (PRO). A music supervisor for a movie or tv show will get a "Sync License" from the writer's publisher or through a licensing organization. If an artist or band wants to use a song on an album they're creating, they request a "Mechanical License"directly from the songwriters' publisher. 


To use or perform our Every Nation Music catalog, you must obtain the proper license from us.  By filling out our application form below, you will receive a customized license based on your needs.  To learn more about our licensing process, read the next section. 


To learn more about copyright, please visit this site to download a free Church Copyright Toolkit: Download The CCS Church Copyright Toolkit


Our EVery NAtion Music Licensing Process:

We pay our songwriters' royalties according to US Copyright Law.  The current Statutory Rate is 9.1 cents per song per play.  Additionally, writers receive streaming and snyc royalties according to the platform their song is released on.  

After you fill out and submit the form below, we will email you an invoice for the licensing fees and royalties owed.  This process may take 2-3 days depending on the request.  Once you have sent us payment for the invoice, we will email you a signed licensing agreement tailored to your request.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time during this process, let us know at Thank you for supporting our writers!


*Every Nation affiliated ministries will have all fees waived with exception to writers' royalties which we are legally obligated to pay.

$200 Threshold "Gross Receipts" Clause. Churches can pay before at their discretion.


Song Licensing Form

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Upon receipt of your application, you will be invoiced for fees due ($22 licensing fee + royalties). All licensing fees will be waived for Every Nation affiliated ministries with the exception of royalties owed to songwriters.