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Pictured: Morning Star Worship's New Live Album Project

Pictured: Morning Star Worship's New Live Album Project


"K A S I H - M U" 

Translated "Unfailing Love"

Words & Music by Rony Gara & Adelene Tjoandi

© 2017 Morning Star Worship Every Nation Church (Indonesia) 



"Kasih-Mu" (translated "Unfailing Love") was written during the first Indonesian Worship Writers' Workshop collaboration in our church. Rony and I came from different local churches--—Rony from Surabaya and I myself from Jakarta.

In this rare opportunity, we were tasked to collaborate in writing a song which focuses on God's Llove.  This song is originally written in Bahasa Indonesia, which was then translated to English and arranged with the help of our fellow songwriters.

Our inspiration came from a discussion of our personal experiences with Jesus. From the sharing of our testimonies, we came up with a summary that whatever we have done, whoever we are, and whatever our weaknesses may be, Jesus has borne our sins on the Cross. Today, we stand redeemed by Hhis Llove.

Overall, Tthe lyrics are simple, but it emphasizes on Jesus' sacrificial love, and it is perfect. The bridge, "‘No one else but Christ alone",’ reminds us that it i’s all because of Christ and not what we have done. Writing this song has blessed me and Rony as songwriters. We hope that it will bless you too as you are reminded of God's perfect and unfailing love. ”

-Adelene Tjoandi (co-writer, "Kasih-Mu")


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Yesus Kau yang sanggup

Mengubah hidupku

Tak ada yang lain

Seperti Kau Tuhan



Karena pengorbanan-Mu

Sempurna bagiku



Salib-Mu bebaskanku

Dari setiap belenggu

Darah-Mu sucikanku

Kar'na kasih-Mu, kar'na kasih-Mu



Bukan kar'na kuat-ku

Hanya kar'na kasih-Mu







Jesus, Savior

You came and set me free

There's no one who's able

To make the blind to see



For You gave Your all for me

And now I stand redeemed



On the cross, You set me free

From the bondage of my sin

O the blood that was shed for me

Because of Your love, unfailing love



No one else but Christ alone

Can renew and make me whole


© 2017 Morning Star Worship Every Nation Church (Indonesia) 

We hope that [this song] will bless you too as you are reminded of God’s perfect and unfailing love.
— Adelene Tjoandi
Justin Gray