Written by:

 Ily Mark Maniano & Hiram Ring

(Every Nation Church, Singapore)


Pictured: Every Nation Church, Singapore's Momentum Convergence, 2015     

Pictured: Every Nation Church, Singapore's Momentum Convergence, 2015


Song Story


Ily Mark:

“Just to give you a little bit of background on how this song started, this was the first song I wrote after the release of our EP, Redemption Song. The inspiration came when I asked myself, How can I write and express music about how great our God is from the perspective of his eternal existence? God led me to read Psalm 90:2, ‘Before the mountains were born or You gave birth to the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God.’ From that verse, I came up with the title, “Constant.” I then started writing the song with one question in mind, Why and how is he a constant God?

In the verse of the song, I wanted to focus on the words “captured” and “harboured” because not only are you bound to him, but you’re also given shelter, protection, and a home because of the power of his blood. This sets the stage to sing the chorus, which is about his everlasting love, overwhelming grace, unfailing mercy, and faithfulness.

The chorus and bridge were a collaborative writing effort between my good friend, Hiram, and me. I believe that there is power in collaboration. I’m more of a music director/producer rather than a lyricist. However, when your heart is to glorify God, the Holy Spirit enables you to do more than you can initially imagine. Through writing this song, I learned that when your heart is pure, there is room for God’s anointing to allow you to show that He is good, pure, and steadfast.”

- Ily Mark Maniano, Music Pastor, (Every Nation Church, Singapore)




“Ily and I had been meeting weekly with each other and other songwriters in the months leading up to our Momentum album recording to brainstorm, share songs we had been working on, and to write together. In this particular instance, Ily was playing some songs for me that he’d been working on. When I heard what he started for the song ‘Constant’, I really liked how upbeat it was, but I thought it needed more dynamics. As we continued working on it, I suggested some parallelistic chorus phrasing, and a half-time bridge. After a few more collaborative tweaks, the result is a song that has both its original upbeat feel and some good dynamic space.”

- Dr. Hiram Ring, Research Fellow, Linguist, (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)




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. . . when your heart is to glorify God, the Holy Spirit enables you to do more than you can initially imagine.
— Ily Mark Maniano
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