Malcolm Du Plessis Talks Every Nation Music

Worship music expert, Malcolm Du Plessis, explores the current state of the Christian Music Industry and explains how our Every Nation Music global songwriting community has an "unfair advantage". Click the image below to watch the video!


If God is real to us, we should at least be able to respond in our own words.
— Malcolm Du Plessis


"Malcolm has straddled the worlds of prophetic Christianity and showbiz for over thirty years – ranging from church planter to record company exec; from songwriter to song publisher; from pioneer of multicultural, multilingual worship music that fused praise and protest in the apartheid era of his native South Africa to artist manager in that same context; from consulting ministries, movements, artists, songwriters, record labels and publishing companies in the Christian arena to helping develop top 40 songwriters in the mainstream. He continues to consult for a range of organizations, yet identifies primarily as an underground activist and as a father figure to a growing number of young leaders. One of his priorities is his relentless call for the decolonization of the worship movement and for doors of dignity to be unlocked for more communities and ethnicities to contribute toward the “common” hymnal." (Source:

Justin Gray