3 Ways to Upgrade Your Weekend Worship Service

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The Book of Psalms is not only a devotional songbook for worshippers, but also a training manual for worship leaders and musicians.

CONSIDER Psalm 33:3 — “Sing to the Lord a new song; play skillfully on the strings.”

This simple verse gives three practical instructions for worship leaders, music directors, and band members that can upgrade every worship service.

1. Sing to the Lord. Worship is always Godward. Sermons are for people. Worship is for God. This seems obvious, but when overlooked, what is billed as a worship service can feel more like a concert performance. Worship is not designed to entertain, impress, or address the audience. In worship, we're singing to Him, not to church members, not to pastors, not to first-time visitors. Sing to the Lord, not to the people.

2. Sing new songs. Could it be that even God gets tired of the same tired songs week after week? He wants us to sing new songs every now and then. I know that some worship leaders abuse the idea of new songs. For them, a song is no longer new after it has appeared in one worship service. Without balancing this point into oblivion, allow me to encourage you introduce new songs on a regular basis. Where do we get these new songs? Write them! Yes, I’m talking to you! Write new songs. Try them out on real people. If they work, they will spread like wildfire. If they don’t work, write more new songs. If the songs you write do not connect with anyone, then upgrade your writing skills, and in the meantime, find new songs. One of the reasons this website exists is to introduce you to new songs written by Every Nation writers. 

3. Play skillfully. God desires and expects His musicians to develop skills. He gives the desire, the grace, the gift, but it is the responsibility of the musician to develop that gift into a skill. This requires discipline, practice, humility, and hard work. No matter your skill level, it needs to constantly increase because God deserves nothing less than our best.

It's been said that mission exists because worship doesn't exist in certain places on the earth. The mission is always to introduce people to the real God, resulting in worship. When worship spreads from your church to the ends of the earth, that's mission. We all pray for the day when Psalm 22:27 is reality. “All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations shall worship before you.”

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